Getting Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

If you are ready to find car insurance quotes, you’ll find that the scene for finding them has gotten much easier in the last ten years. Just like you can walk through the supermarket and compare different brands of food, you can simply surf the internet and find the quotes from many different companies to cover you for auto coverage. It isn’t all the same, however, as the there are three basic and general methods that you’ll be surprised to know are relatively different from each other.

The first, and most antiquated way is to visit an agent’s website. Many local insurance carriers (and some of the national ones) have independent agents that are in charge of certain areas. Most of the national carriers are a great example of this. While they are a national company, every one of their agents own and maintain their own semi-private, semi-independent businesses. Often times they have their own website in which you can use a contact form to tell them your situation. This is the least desirable of the three methods discussed here because it requires the agent to get back to either via phone or email. Additionally, you will only receive one quote. You can cut and paste your information from that agent’s contact form and put it into another agent’s contact form to save you time, however, you’re still doing a lot of unnecessary work.

The next method is a little more convenient. All of the national brands of auto insurance have quote generation tools that will ask you for the data necessary to give you a full quote online. These can be a little cumbersome, as it asks for a lot of information sometimes. It also has the disadvantage of automatically checking your credit, which can have an adverse effect on your credit score. This, in turn, can lower your chance of getting a good rate at another company.

Lastly, you can use an online comparison tool. All of these sites are free, and make their money when you find the right policy. You start these tools by inputting your zip code to see which companies are available in your area. You then go on to tell them a limited amount of information about yourself, your car, and your record. They do not pull your credit until you’re ready to purchase a policy, so you will not see the reduction in your traffic score like you do in the second option. Of course, you also have the added benefit of comparing many different companies and their rates side-by-side before you decide to buy. Typically a person will save up to forty percent on the premium they currently pay just by simply taking about five minutes to fill in your information.

Now you can quickly compare rates online from all of the insurance companies and see which is the lowest. You’ll be shocked to see how low your rates can really be.