Car Accident Insurance

Collision auto insurance is an auto insurance coverage that covers damage to your car either when your car is hit by, or hits another vehicle, or object. The policy involves Payments to fix your car less your chosen deductible. You can select a deductible as large as you can pay to keep your premiums low. If you have an older car, dropping this coverage may be advisable, since the insurance covers your car according to its cash value. Coverage for collision is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy. Although this may not be required by a state, this policy may also be required by a lien holder in case of a loaned or leased car.

Collision Coverage Provision

You’re responsible for paying the amount you see. This is called the deductible, or the portion of a claim. If you pay a higher deductible, the cost of your auto insurance premium is lowered.

You can benefit from the collision auto insurance coverage if your car is financed or leased. In this case, the finance company requires that you carry this coverage. People who have newer vehicles, or cars in excellent conditions, may need the coverage to replace the vehicle in event of any damage or loss. The scheme may not profit those with older cars or cars in poor working condition. Paying for this coverage, may not benefit them since the auto insurance covers the car in line with the cash value.

To give a more detailed explanation, Collision auto insurance policy protects your car from damage. All expensive repairs on your car can be paid for with your collision policy. And in an event of a “total loss” situation, your collision insurance pays you a cash value of the car, so you can replace it.

Even when you are at fault for the damage, Collision auto insurance still pays you out. In event of a third party damage, that is, if someone else damages your car, that person’s liability insurance pays for your damages. Note also that the collision auto insurance policy only pays for accident-related damage. So you will also need other comprehensive car insurance policy to protect your car from other things like fire and theft. The collision Auto Insurance policy comes with a choice of deductibles. If you have a higher deductible, you will pay a lower monthly premium. This means that if you have a high deductible, you will pay more out of your pocket to replace or repair your car.

Sometimes, the law may not require you to have collision coverage. But if your car is on loan or lease, the terms of your car lease or financing deal might require collision coverage. There is also what is called gap coverage. This is a separate auto insurance policy that covers the difference between your car’s worth and the replacement cost.